THE REVO RANGE REVO surfskis come in 3 different outer skin layup options to suit the requirements of the paddler. The internal structure remains constant throughout the layups, meaning the craft retains the same strength and the same paddling characteristic in the water. Only the outer shell changes in favour of increased toughness for durability or reduced weight for performance
MODEL OPTIONS High Volume Specs - 6,35m Length | 480mm Beam Our beginner racing ski. We built this ski with maximum stability in the Race range to give any level of paddler a chance to be competitive. Unlike the others in the range, the High Volume makes use of four hard chines to give extra secondary stability. If you're just starting out in the racing scene, this boat is for you. Medium Volume Specs - 6,35m Length | 460mm Beam Our Intermediate ski. Slightly wider for stability, or to accommodate the larger elite paddler over 90kgs. This ski is designed to be placed in the middle of our range in terms of performance and skill level required. Its the best all rounder that irks out speed in most conditions. Also, a killer big downwind machine in the right hands. Low Volume Specs - 6,35m Length | 430mm Beam Our most elite ski. Designed to be the fastest in flat water to medium conditions, this boat requires experience and skill to handle. The narrow waterline and planing hull helps the ski glide across the surface with ease. .
CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS Enthusiast 13 - 13.5 kgs • Hardest outer shell • Most durable cosmetic finish to handle rough treatment • Gel Coat finish • 2 Layers Composite Fiberglass and Carbon Outer Skin Pro 12 - 12.5 kgs • Medium outer shell • Good balance between lightweight performance and cosmetic durability • 2K paint finish • 2 Layers Composite Fiberglass and Carbon Outer Skin Elite 11 - 11.5 kgs • Softer outer shell • Lightest layup that yields highest performance weight. Prone to cosmetic surface damages if not handled with care • 2K paint finish • 1 Layer Composite Fiberglass and Carbon Outer Skin OPTIONAL EXTRAS Optional Extras : REVO surfski covers, extended rudder range, REVO branded apparel.

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